Our Top Destinations for the Perfect Girls' Trip

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Planning the ultimate girls' trip? Look no further, we've based these preferred destinations on a few top requirements: walkable streets, boutique hotels and spas, plus lots of activities to keep your girlfriends entertained. What makes these types of getaways so charming, no matter who you bring on your trips, is that there's something in each city for every type of girl to enjoy.

1. San Francisco

Book your hotel here if you're looking for a world-class experience. Our places of interest get bonus points for having pedestrian-friendly streets to reach them. If your girlfriends are into shopping, you can enjoy a day along Hayes Street, famous for its boutique shops and cafes. There are plenty of luxury hotels, including the Ritz-Carlton and the Four Seasons, to choose from. For massages and facials, head to the Spa Radiance, a local favorite since the late 70's.

2. Miami

This city has all you need for sun and fun. There's no better place to work on – and then show off – your tan than Miami. The artsy Sagamore in South Beach has a Spring Chicks package that includes relaxing classes for you and your girlfriends -- perfect for rejuvenation after those busy late nights. Plus, you already know that Miami is the place to go for stylish finds. If you're hungry, pass by the River Seafood Oyster Bar for some of the freshest seafood cuisine on the coast. Interested in water activities? Rent a yacht for you and your favs for a ½ day.  Live it up!

3. New York City

If your girlfriends love art and theater, this city will enthrall. Its numerous indie boutiques make the days spent here quite special. New York sometimes seems like a planet all its own, and it's a great place for your best friends to reconnect with themselves.  Check out the Algonquin Hotel in Times Square, it's the perfect base to explore Manhattan. Of course, New York's best new restaurants have a lot of competition, but you can't go wrong when planning a holiday in this exciting city.

4. San Diego

Listed as one of the top 10 fittest cities in America, San Diego sports not only 26 miles of beach, but also 40,000 acres of nature, making it the best girl getaway if you have adventurous, nature-loving friends. If they enjoy surfing, there are plenty of schools and gear rentals on the Pacific shore. Choose an opulent stay such as the Grand Del Mar, with its luxurious pool and hiking trails. The resort also offers kayaking excursions. The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park are also great hangouts. Come here with your girlfriends if they're the outdoorsy type.

5. New Orleans

You only have to search Pinterest to see that New Orleans is one of the top choices for bachelorette parties, and with good reason: Its classy hotels, such as Moxy Hotel and The Roosevelt, have both vintage and modern charm. Experience the feeling of stepping back in time as you enjoy the city that gave birth to jazz, and revel in the ability to float in rooftop pools as you sip mocktails or fruit smoothies.

Remember, even when you plan the perfect girls' trip, you have to leave room for spontaneity and excitement. Let your curiosity take you to new places, and make perfect memories with those who mean the most to you.

Got an upcoming event you need to plan for all your best girlfriends or a city to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!