5 Simple Scientific Skincare Secrets for Achieving that Glow

Photo by PeopleImages/iStock / Getty Images

Do you have it? Have you had it? When did you lose it? The elusive glow, it’s not just for A-list celebrities and surprisingly it’s also as much about what you don’t use, as what you do.

Skin glows with health when it’s cared for carefully, correctly and cautiously. It’s a happy space found only when understanding the foundational pillars of skin science. After all, how can you expect to work-with-it, without truly understanding it first?

Recommended skincare products can be a gamble. Skincare investments purchased on science – now that’s something you can rely upon.

Ready to begin your pursuit of glowing skin? Let’s get started…


1.  Avoid foaming face washes

The majority of skincare products that foam, contain harsh cleansing ingredients called surfactants. This species of active are very effective, they remove makeup, cut through waterproof mascara, wash away pollution impurities and more. The challenge comes from – and more.

Traditional surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) do not know when to stop. Instead of plainly removing makeup, they also take away a chunk of your skin's natural moisturizing factor. When this is washed down the drain, skin becomes dull, dry and dehydrated.

There are complexities to choosing a cleanser that combines wash with condition, however the simplest and easiest way to take action is to avoid all face washes that foam.

Examples of products to love:  Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.


2.  Never use no wash cleansers without washing them off

On your quest for a non-foaming cleanser you may stumble across products promising both no foam and no wash. Micellar water, face wipes and combined cleanse and tone emulsions. All of these products also contain surfactants, ingredients that when in contact with skin for prolonged periods of time are known to irritate and interfere with your skins natural biology. Although no wash cleansers use milder versions, there is no good that can come from surfactants being left on your skin.

The bottom line: Never leave a cleansing product on skin, even if it’s "no-wash".


3.  Use nourishing face oils nightly

Did you know, the top layers of your skin are almost completely oil-based? It’s not just oily and combination skin types this rings true for. Normal skin types have the perfect amount and dry skin types lack this basic necessity. While it’s hard to jump-start the processes your skin uses to make its own oil, facial oils are a great way to instantly replenish them.

Why would you want to do this? Because the top layers of your skin have a vital function – to lock in hydration. When your skin is well hydrated, there’s no stopping it from achieving that glow.

Examples of products to love: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate.


4.  Treat skin with richly nourishing products at night

Imagine wearing Pyjamas to work and court shoes to bed. It would not be the most comfortable of situations. Pyjamas would not win your bosses praise and court shoes would not make for an easy night’s sleep. Every product has a time and place it’s designed to work perfectly.

During daylight hours skin is primed to excrete sebum – a conditioning oil your skin makes naturally. Skincare products that are richly nourishing are therefore likely to be ‘pushed out’ of skin before having a chance to work.

On your journey to achieving that glow, ensure all nourishing moisturizers and balms are reserved for night-time hours only.

Examples of products to love: Argan+ Overnight Treatment Cream and Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Flawless Future Night Cream.


5.  Increase your skin's intake of antioxidants

Your skin does amazing things every day and most of the time, it performs them all without complaint. It’s easy to forget how great your skin is. Every day you enjoy sunshine, every time you shop in a busy city, every time you bathe in hard water, your skin is defending you against stressors: UV light, pollution and irritants.

To do this your skin uses antioxidants, however sometimes these reserves are used much more quickly than they can be made. When defenses are low, skin becomes vulnerable to dryness, sensitivity and irritation. Replenishing your skin with a daily dose of antioxidants defends your skin’s health, helpfully guarding that glow.

Examples of products to love: Drunk Elephant C-Firm Day Serum and Paula’s Choice RESIST Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum.