7 Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage

There is no doubt about it, marriage is work. The stronger the marriage, the harder they have worked. Marriage is also quite enjoyable and it is always fun to think of new ways to sexy things up a bit.

Here are 7 practical ways to add a little spice to your marriage.

1. Go To Bed Sexy

I have to admit that I find very few things more comfortable than an oversized t-shirt and a pair of his pajama pants, so I would be the last to suggest that wearing lingerie every night is a requirement for you to achieve maximum sexy. However, wearing lingerie occasionally may prove beneficial. For him, the benefit is two-fold. Men are visual,  so simply seeing you is enough. Additionally, knowing that you put in the extra effort just for him will definitely take things to the next level.

2. Learn Something New

Take dance lessons together. Salsa is always fun even if one, or both of you, are card carrying members of the rhythm-less nation. Get dressed up, get out of the house and even if you can't dance, you will be sure to laugh the night away trying.  Loosen up and try not to take yourselves too seriously.

3. Go Away Together

Have you ever tallied the hours that you spend alone with your spouse in a day? My guess is that it's a pretty low number and reasonably so. Between the children, phone calls, social media, chores, errands, work and/or running a business, there isn't much left at the end of the day. This is why unplugging and going away with your spouse is so critical. Unplugging from the outside chaos allows you the time to be fully engaged. It gives you the space to create deeper levels of intimacy within your marriage. Whether your version of going away is yachting off the coast of Italy, a weekend stay at a local hotel, or a weekly date day, it does not matter. The common goal is to be intentional about unplugging to spend quality time with your spouse, it does wonders for the added spice.

4. Give Affirmation

Our words have the power to build or to break, we should always choose them wisely. In doing so, let's choose to build. Even the most confident of men need words of affirmation. Call him and tell him how much he means to you and how awesome he is. There is no need to be mushy or public if it is not your style, however your words should come from a very real place. Make sure that he feels your sincerity.

5. Surprise Him With Love Notes

Do you remember how good it felt to receive a handwritten note in class? I certainly do. We live in a digital age and texting is our not-so-new normal, but there are some things that will never go out of style. Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe in handwritten love notes. They are so personal and thoughtful. Therefore, I highly recommend buying a box of monogrammed Thank You cards so that you can create handwritten notes. Make the card simple, but specific. Thank him for the small things that may seem to go unnoticed. Seal it with a kiss wearing your favorite shade of lipstick, and lightly spray the envelope with perfume for added feminine flair. Lastly, place the card where he is most likely to stumble upon it and voila! 

6. Prepare An Indoor Picnic

Cook his favorite meal and be sure to plate it beautifully. Grab a blanket and pillows, get cozy in front of the fireplace, or simply light a few candles, and have an indoor picnic. Enjoy the ambiance and each other.

7. Set, Game, Match

Pillow fights and playful wrestling matches are always fun, so get creative and make up a playful game! It's more fun if you determine the rules together. Set the challenge (i.e. the first one to pin the other for a 10 second count wins) and go for it! Maybe, he'll even let you win.

Have Fun!